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"Growing up as the son of a commercial architect, I was exposed early on to the building process. At the time, I dreaded packing into the station wagon with my brother and sisters every weekend to go look at the office buildings and shopping centers my dad designed. But through that experience, I learned the importance of having a strong work ethic and being committed and proud of the work one chooses.

I thought I would follow a completely different career path and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara. I have always been interested in what drives people and the ways people find satisfaction in their lives. But somehow I was drawn back into the building profession. I worked for many years as a carpenter and loved it. In fact, I am still passionate about building beautiful things out of wood.

At one point, I was fortunate to apprentice with a construction company run by extremely talented, honest and engaging General Contractors. They took great pride in remodeling homes into beautiful, functional dwellings. Inspired by them, I realized that my education, construction expertise and life experiences made me perfectly suited to be a licensed General Contractor myself.

In 2001, I formed JT Masters Construction, Inc. as a way of melding the things I loved most in my career. I enjoy working together with clients to create a comfortable, distinctive atmosphere that reflects their personalities and lifestyles. Many of my craftsmen and subcontractors are people I have worked with for over a decade and we approach each project as a cohesive, committed team.

We'd love to talk to you about your vision for your home."

- Joe Masters

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